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GCN Circular 1705

IPN confirmation of the reactivation of SGR1900+14
2002-11-24T03:03:14Z (21 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
K. Hurley, on behalf of the Ulysses GRB team,

E. Mazets and S. Golenetskii, on behalf of the Konus-Wind GRB team, and

T. Cline, on behalf of the Ulysses and Konus teams, report:

We confirm that SGR1900+14 has reactivated (GCN 1704).  The
following is a non-exhaustive list of confirmed and unconfirmed
short, intense SGR-like events:

November 20 44559 s (2)
November 21 65091 s (1)
November 21 75861 s (2)
November 22 15942 s (2)
November 22 21977 s (2)
November 22 25562 s (2)
November 22 30032 s (2)
November 22 34552 s (2)
November 22 38732 s (2)
November 22 48626 s (2)
November 22 52607 s (2)
November 22 60860 s (2)
November 23 02387 s (1)


1. Confirmed event; triangulation annulus agrees with the
position of SGR1900+14.  Earth crossing time given.

2. Unconfirmed event for the moment.  Time is the time at
Ulysses.  To get the Earth crossing time for SGR1900+14, 
subtract ~248 s.

Prior to this episode, the last bursts from this source
appear to have been on November 4.
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