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GCN Circular 17036

GRB 141104A: Swift-XRT observations
2014-11-08T21:40:43Z (10 years ago)
Valerio D'Elia at ASDC <>
V. D'Elia (ASDC) & L. Izzo (URoma/ICRA) report on behalf of the Swift-XRT team

Swift-XRT has observed the error box of the IPN GRB 141104A (Hurley et  
al. GCN 17026) in a series of observations tiled on the sky. The total  
exposure time is 14.0 ks spread over 3 fields. The observations  
started ~ 3 days after the IPN trigger. We detect four sources with  
S/N ~ 3 or higher, within or close to the IPN error box. Namely  
(ordered by ascending Dec):

Source 1
RA: 279.53959 = 18h 38m 9.50s (J2000)
Dec: -13.06216 = -13d 03' 43.8" J(2000)
Err: 4.4 arcsec (radius, 90% confidence).
Exposure time: 3.9 ks.

Source 2
RA:  279.51690	= 18h 38m 4.06s (J2000)
Dec:  -12.78750  = -12d 47' 15.0" (J2000)
Err: 4.9 arcsec (radius, 90% confidence)
Exposure time: 4.4 ks

Source 3
RA: 279.38702  = 18h 37m 32.88s (J2000)
Dec: -12.34930 = -12d 20' 57.5" (J2000)
Err: 3.8 arcsec (radius, 90% confidence).
Exposure time: 3.4 ks.

Source 4
RA: 279.49073 = 18h 37m 57.78s (J2000)
Dec: -12.30119 = -12d 18' 04.3" (J2000)
Err: 4.6 arcsec (radius, 90% confidence).
Exposure time: 3.1 ks.

The northernmost Sources #3 and #4 are close to (#3) or just outside  
(#4) the IPN error box and possess an X-ray and optical counterpart,  
so are likely unrelated to the afterglow. The central source #2 has an  
optical counterpart, while the southernmost source #1 does not have  
counterparts. The most promising XRT afterglow candidate is thus  
source #1, although the counterpart of #2 could be the host galaxy of  
the afterglow.  We cannot measure variability at this time, so a  
secure identification of the afterglow is not possible.

Details on the present analysis can be found at:

This is an official product of the Swift-XRT team.
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