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GCN Circular 16175

GRB 140423A Third epoch pODI photometry
2014-04-27T03:42:42Z (10 years ago)
Dieter Hartmann at Clemson.U <>
D. Harbeck (WIYN Observatory), A. Kaur (Clemson U.), A. Delgado-Navarro
(Clemson U.), M. Orio (INAF, UW Madison), D. H. Hartmann (Clemson U.)

We re-imaged the location of the Swift detected GRB 140423A (Sonbas et al.,
GCN 16142) with the pODI instrument on the 3.5 m WIYN telescope at KPNO (

Observations in the sdss r' band on 25 April 2014 consisted of one 300s
exposure, and one 600s exposures. The optical counterpart of the burst
(Elenin et al., GCN 16143; Kaur et al., GCN 16144; Ferrante et al., GCN
16145; Chester et al., GCN 16147) was detected under good conditions.

OBS DATE [UTC at start]      T_Exp   r' AB   stat-error seeing

2014-04-25 07:17:45.434       300.0    22.58    0.1          0.7"

2014-04-25 07:24:59.654       600.0    22.64    0.08        0.75"

Calibration was the same as described in our previous report. Calibration
rms without color correction is < 0.1", consistency check with nearby SDSS
star shows calibration variations < 0.02 mag. No color / foreground
extinction correction was applied.
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