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GCN Circular 15875

GRB 140219A: XRT afterglow candidate
2014-02-22T18:03:46Z (10 years ago)
Vanessa Mangano at PSU <>
V. Mangano (PSU) and P. A. Evans (U. Leicester)
report on behalf of the Switf-XRT team

Swift-XRT has observed the error circle of the IPN GRB 140219A in a
series of observations tiled on the sky. The total exposure time is 9.9
ks spread over 5 fields; the maximum exposure within the sky observed
was 3.9 ks. The observations started 70.3 ks after the IPN trigger.
Within these data we detect a fading,  uncatalogued X-ray source at RA,
Dec= 156.02772, 6.49399 which is equivalent to:
   RA (J2000.0)	= 10h 24m 6.65s
   Dec (J2000.0) = +06d 29' 38.4"
with an uncertainty of 7.9 arcsec (radius, 90% confidence). The
exposure at this location was 3.0 ks.

This previously uncatalogued source is fading, and we thus consider it
the likely GRB afterglow.

The results of the automatic processing for this source are available
This circular is an official product of the Swift-XRT team.
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