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GCN Circular 1537

XRF 020903: optical observation at Kyoto
2002-09-06T11:26:27Z (22 years ago)
Taichi Kato at Kyoto U <>
M. Uemura, R. Ishioka, T. Kato (Kyoto U) and H. Yamaoka (Kyushu U)
report on behalf of VSNET-grb collaboration:

  "We have performed a full analysis of unfiltered CCD images 
of XRF 020903 (GCN 1530) taken with 25-cm telescope at Kyoto.
The observation starts on Sept. 3.595 UT, i.e., 4.2 hours after 
the flash detection.  We imaged the central region of initial 
XWM error circle, so the coverage of WXM+SXC error box is 
as rather small as 10%.  Our field of view is described in: .
It contains the central region of the cluster Abell 2487.

  A stacked image (30s x 60 exposures), whose limiting magnitude 
is R ~ 17.5 compared with USNO-A2.0 r mag, revealed no definite 
new source within our image compared with DSS 2 red image.

(Note: XRF 020903 occurred at a location very close to GRB 990527 
(GCN 347).  The WXM+SXC error box of XRF 020903, however, does 
not overlap the IPN error box of GRB 990527, as shown in 
FOV.gif mentioned above.)"

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