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GCN Circular 15119

GRB 130822A: WHT ACAM observations
2013-08-23T12:00:09Z (11 years ago)
Klaas Wiersema at U Leicester <>
K. Wiersema (Leicester), A. Levan (Warwick), D. Malesani (DARK) report on behalf of
a larger collaboration:

We observed the position of short GRB 130822A (Kocevski et al., GCN 15112) using the 4.2m William Herschel
Telescope with the ACAM instrument and a Sloan r filter. We do not identify a source in or near the refined
XRT error circle (Beardmore et al., GCN 15117) in a dataset of 20x50 seconds exposures (0.365 days after burst),
taken under poor weather conditions. An upper limit of r=21.9 is found at the XRT position.
We note the presence of a moderately bright galaxy (r=18.15) offset approximately 22" from the GRB location 
and with a photometric redshift of z=0.1. If associated with would correspond to an offset of 40 kpc.
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