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GCN Circular 1479

GRB020812: possible afterglow candidate
2002-08-13T20:37:28Z (22 years ago)
Alexei Pozanenko at IKI, Moscow <>
A.Pozanenko (IKI), S.Bondar' (Kosmoten),  G.Beskin  (SAO) and V.  Rumyantsev
(CrAO)  report:

We have observed the entire error box of GRB 020127 / HETE #1902 with 600mm
automated telescope (T600 of Kosmoten observatory. Observation started
after HETE Ground Analysis (HETE 2257,  Seq_Num: 3). Unfiltered mosaic
images were obtained on Aug 12  18:52  (UT) with fixed image exposure 2.56
sec. Limiting magnitude of the observation is about 16.5.

We have found a new object which is not present on DSS.
The coordinates of the object are:

RA=  20h38m51s  DEC= -05o31'14" (J2000)

with uncertainty of  4" in both coordinates.
Using USNO-A2.0 we estimate brightness of the object about 14.5 m.

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