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GCN Circular 14226

GRB 130216B: Burst found in ground analysis of BAT data
2013-02-17T03:41:21Z (11 years ago)
Jay R. Cummings at NASA/GSFC/Swift <>
J. R. Cummings (NASA/GSFC/CRESST) reports on behalf of the Swift-BAT team

At 18:58:12 Swift-BAT rate-triggered on GRB 130216B (BAT trigger 548918). No
significant source was found in onboard processing.  This was the same event
as Fermi GBM trigger 382733894. In ground analysis, a significant unknown
source was found at RA, Dec 58.875, +2.040, which is:

RA (J2000)   03h 55m 30.1s
Dec (J2000)  02d 02m 24s

with a 90% error radius of approximately 2 arcmin.

This position is within 2 arcmin of a low-redshift galaxy, 2MASX J03553770+0202484.

The burst had two peaks each about 2 seconds long, the first weaker, with a
total duration about 4 seconds long. A Swift TOO request has been submitted,
but the source is in Sun constraint at the present time.
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