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GCN Circular 1383

XRF 020427
2002-04-27T11:16:39Z (22 years ago)
Jean int Zand at SRON <>
Jean in 't Zand, Fabrizio Reali, Stefano Granata, Paul Lowes and Luigi Piro
report on behalf of the BeppoSAX team:

BeppoSAX Wide Field Camera unit 2 detected a fast X-ray transient on
April 27 at 3:48:40 UT. Quick-look analysis shows that it lasted 1.1
min, with a rise time of 0.1 min. The 10-28 to 2-10 keV hardness ratio
is similar to the X-ray rich GRBs like 981226 and type-I X-ray
bursters. The Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor covered this event, but no
obvious signal was detected. We strongly suspect that this is an X-ray
rich GRB or X-ray flash rather than an X-ray burst because 1) the time
profile is unusual for an X-ray burst; 2) there is no evidence for
softening in the decay; 3) the galactic latitude of -44.2 deg is
unusual for an X-ray burst. We strongly encourage follow-up
observations. The refined WFC position is:

R.A. =  22h09m33.6s (332.3900 deg)
Dec. = -65d19m36.6s (-65.3268 deg)

(Eq. 2000.0) with an error radius of 3 arcmin (99% confidence).
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