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GCN Circular 13591

GRB 120805A: 1.23m CAHA observations
2012-08-05T23:49:45Z (12 years ago)
Javier Gorosabel at IAA-CSIC <>
J. Gorosabel (IAA-CSIC), N. Huelamo (CAB-CSIC), R. Sanchez-Ramirez
(IAA-CSIC), A. de Ugarte Postigo (IAA-CSIC, DARK), T. Kruehler (DARK),
A.J. Castro-Tirado (IAA-CSIC), J.C. Tello (IAA-CSIC), M. Jelinek
(IAA-CSIC), report on behalf of a larger collaboration:

"I-band observations conducted with the Calar Alto 1.23m telescope at
21:41:19.1--22:04:02.4 UT (obs started ~13 minutes post GRB) for GRB
120805A reveal no object inside the XRT position (GCN Circ. 13588) down to
I~18 (Vega). However, we note the presence an object located at
RA(J2000)=14:26:09.12, DEC(J2000)=05:49:31.7 (error of ~0.5" in both
coordinates) with a magnitude of I~17.5 which seems not to be at the SDSS.
Given the lack of a refined XRT position yet, we are cautious about the
possible relation of this object with the GRB 120805A optical afterglow."
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