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GCN Circular 12706

GRB 111103A: optical upper limit of Mt. Terskol observatory
2011-12-20T12:42:29Z (12 years ago)
Alina Volnova at SAI MSU <>
A.Volnova (SAI MSU), M. Andreev, A. Sergeev  (Terskol Branch of INASAN), V.
 Petkov (Baksan Neutrino Observatory of INR), N. Karpov, O. Andrienko, K.
 Martynyuk-Lototsky, N. Parakhin, N. Borachok, V. Kozlov, G. Butenko, V.
 Godunova (IC AMER, NASU), A. Pozanenko (IKI) report:

 We observed field of the Swift  GRB 111103A  (Stroh et al. GCN 12518) with
 Zeiss-600 telescope of Mt.Terskol observatory in R filter between Nov. 3
 (UT) 16:16:02 - 16:49:00. We took 60 frames with exposure of 30
 seconds under favourable weather conditions and seeing (FWHM) of about
 1.5''. We do not detect any source on a stacked frame within BAT
 ground-calculated error circle (Sakamoto et al., GCN 12523). A
 photometry is based on the USNO B1.0  nearby stars.

  T0+      Filter,   Exposure, OT,  UpperLimit
 (mid, d)               (s)

 0.24836  R         60x30       n/d   16.6
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