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GCN Circular 1250

GRB020127: Palomar and VLA Observations of Possible Counterparts
2002-02-15T04:25:34Z (22 years ago)
Derek Fox at CIT <>
Derek W. Fox (Caltech) and Dale A. Frail (Caltech/NRAO) report on
behalf of a larger collaboration:

"On Feb 4 UT (g' band) and Feb 6 UT (r' band) we observed the HETE-IPN
localization region of GRB020127 (GCN 1232) with the Large Format
Camera on the Hale Telescope on Mt. Palomar.  Reduction of images
covering the full localization region excludes the presence of any
optical counterparts to the three X-ray sources A14, A45, and A7 of
GCN 1249, at the respective epochs of these images, to limiting
magnitudes of g'~23 and r'~23.3."

"Separately, on Feb 14.2 UT we observed the region surrounding Source
A14 of GCN 1249 with the VLA.  Within the roughly one-arcsecond
Chandra localization we find a weak radio source with an 8.5 GHz flux
density of 157 +/- 43 uJy located at (J2000) RA 08:15:01.4183(2), Dec
+36:46:33.43(3).  Follow-up observations are underway to confirm this
source detection."
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