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GCN Circular 122

1998-07-03T23:44:44Z (26 years ago)
Kevin Hurley at UCBerkeley/SSL <>
SGR 1627-41

K. Hurley, Space Sciences Laboratory, T. Cline, P. Butterworth, NASA
GSFC, E. Mazets and S. Golenetskii, Ioffe Institute, on behalf of the
Ulysses and Konus-Wind teams, report: "We have triangulated the
position of this soft gamma repeater using 7 Konus-Ulysses events
between 17 and 22 June.   A typical annulus has a center at (equinox
2000.0) R.A.=22h03m04s, Decl.=-9o49'.8, and a radius 77.247 +/- 0.013
degrees.  Around the position of the supernova remnant G337.0-0.1, this
annulus nests within the one reported previously (IAUC 6948), but is
considerably narrower.  Around this position, the 7 annuli give results
which are mutually consistent to better than 10 arcseconds. The
positions of the annuli suggest that if the source of the bursts is
indeed within the SNR, it lies between the two radio lobes.  An image may be
found at  These preliminary
annuli can be refined further."

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