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GCN Circular 1195

GRB 011211: BVRi-band photometry
2001-12-12T15:54:51Z (23 years ago)
Brian Lindgren Jensen at U.of Copenhagen <>
B. L. Jensen, H. Pedersen, J. Hjorth, R. Michelsen (U. of Copenhagen),
T. Grav, M. W. Hansen (U. of Oslo), J. U. Fynbo (ESO),
M. Weidinger (U. of Aarhus),  M. I. Andersen (U. of Oulu) and
J. Gorosabel (DSRI) report:

"We have performed aperture photometry of the afterglow candidate for
GRB 011211 reported in GCN#1191 (Grav et al.), and obtain the
following results based on a preliminary photometric calibration:

For USNO-star U0675_11427359 at RA,Dec (J2000) = (11:15:19.00,
-21:58:04.9) we obtain:

I = 17.07, R = 17.90, V = 18.18, B = 18.65

For the afterglow candidate we measure:

Tel.      Date (UT)   exp    filter  mag.
NOT-2.5m  Dec.12.22   900s     R    20.07
NOT-2.5m  Dec.12.28   300s     B    21.41
NOT-2.5m  Dec.12.28   300s    g-i   20.09
NOT-2.5m  Dec.12.29   300s     V    21.14

DK-1.5m   Dec.12.28  4200s     R    20.12
DK-1.5m   Dec.12.36   300s     V    21.21

Conservative errors on the absolute photometry is ~0.15 mag, due
to lack of precise calibration. Errors relative to the USNO-star
are around a few percent.

Further images will be made available at "
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