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GCN Circular 1175

GRB011130 (XRF011130) SDSS PT i-band observations
2001-12-05T02:51:41Z (22 years ago)
Don Lamb at U.Chicago <>
B. C. Lee, D. L. Tucker, D. Q. Lamb, D. E. Vanden Berk, and
E. Neilsen, on behalf of the SDSS GRB team, report:

We observed the entire revised HETE-2 error circle for GRB011130
(XRF011130) (GCN 1169) using the SDSS 0.5-m "Photometric Telescope"
(PT) at APO under clear skies and a bright moon on UTC 2001 December
2 from MJD 52245.208450 to 52245.301880.  We took a series of eleven
180 second i-band exposures (41.5' x 41.5' field of view) centered
on the reported location of XRF011130 (GCN 1169).  We have coadded
the 11 images and examined the region of the variable radio source
reported by Frail (GCN 1173).  We find an object with a peak
approximately 2 sigma above noise and an estimated magnitude of
i* = 20.5 +/- 0.5 at RA=03:05:24.96, DEC=+03:46:14.58 (RMS error of
approximately 1 arcsec), consistent with the location of the variable
radio source.  Because the object is only margninally detected in
the coadded image, is slightly below the limiting magnitude of the
DPOSS plates, and has not been observed as part of the SDSS imaging
survey, we do not know if it is variable.  Additional observations
are urged.

A finding chart can be found at:
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