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GCN Circular 1150

GRB011121: possible optical counterpart
2001-11-22T06:47:19Z (23 years ago)
Krzysztof Z. Stanek at CfA <>
Lukasz Wyrzykowski (Warsaw University Observatory), K. Z. Stanek
(Harvard-Smithsonian CfA) and P. M. Garnavich (Notre Dame) report:

R-band observations of the optical afterglow of the GRB011121 carried
out with the OGLE 1.3m telescope (+8kx8k OGLE-III mosaic) at the Las
Campanas Observatory, starting at UT 011122 05:08 (10.3 hours after
the burst), reveal a new, bright source in the refined BeppoSAX-WFC
error box (GCN 1149). Its position, based on the GSC, is: 11:34:30.38,
-76:01:41.3 (J2000).

Comparing to star "A" (R=17.4) from the USNO catalog (located at
11:34:18.9, -76:01:38.1, J2000), we estimate the R-band magnitude of
the possible GRB011121 afterglow to be R=18.3\pm 0.1 (subject to
possible systematic error due to the calibration of the catalog).

Additional data will be obtained.

The E(B-V) Galactic reddening from Schlegel et al. is E(B-V)=0.5, or

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