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GCN Circular 11259

GRB100906A: detection at 15GHz
2010-09-09T10:16:04Z (14 years ago)
Guy Pooley at MRAO, Cambridge, UK <>
The AMI Large Array (Cambridge, UK) was used to make two further
observations of the field of GRB 100906A (Markwardt et al, GCN11227)
in the band 13.5 to 17.2 GHz (GCN11250 reports the first observation).

date/time                              flux   sigma / microJy
2010 Sep 08 06h51m to Sep 08 07h51m     137     140
2010 Sep 08 22h03m to Sep 09 00h18m     465      70

The GRB is clearly detected in the second of these observations, 
mean time 57h17m after the trigger.

(A radio source catalogued in NVSS, 87GB, 7C is also visible in the 
field near 01 55 11 +55 35 20 (J2000), about 4.5 arcmin from the GRB.)

This message is quotable in publications.

Guy Pooley, on behalf of the AMI collaboration
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