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GCN Circular 11012

GRB 100728B: optical detection
2010-07-28T12:13:28Z (14 years ago)
Alexei Pozanenko at IKI, Moscow <>
L. Elenin (ISON), I. Molotov (ISON), A. Pozanenko (IKI)  report on behalf of 
larger GRB  follow-up collaboration:

We observed the field of the Swift GRB 100728B (Page et al. GCN  11009) with 
0.45-m astrograph f/2.8 �f ISON-NM observatory (32d 54' 11.64'',  105d 31' 
42. 34'' ) starting July 28 (UT) 10:56:08, i.e. 24 minutes after burst 
onset.  A few unfiltered 300s exposures were taken before down. In a first 
exposures we clearly detect the afterglow at the position (J2000) RA= 02 56 
13.48 Dec= +00 16 51.4 which  coincides with early afterglow detection 
(Perley et al. GCN  11007; Page et al. GCN  11009).

A preliminary photometry of unfiltered exposures against USNO-B1.0 field 
stars (R-filter) at 29.3 minutes after burst is 19m.
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