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GCN Circular 10962

GRB 100713A: optical observation in Maidanak
2010-07-16T19:33:40Z (14 years ago)
Alexei Pozanenko at IKI, Moscow <>
A. Pozanenko (IKI), A. Volnova (SAI MSU),  B. Satovski (Astrotel),  M. 
Ibrahimov (MAO) report on behalf of  larger GRB  follow-up collaboration:

We observed the field of the INTEGRAL GRB 100713A (Mereghetti et al. GCN 
10951) with AZT-22 telescope of Maidanak observatory in R band between  July 
13 (UT) 18:21 -- 18:56 under photometric conditions and seeing ~0.7".

A possible faint source (S/N = 2.2) was detected at coordinates (J2000) 
RA=17 00 48.12 Dec = +28 23 40.2 with uncertainties 0.15" in both 
coordinates. The source is at the edge of enhanced XRT error circle (D'Elia 
et al.  GCN 10960).  At this time we cannot confirm the nature of the source 
and comparison with TNG observation (D'Avanzo et al. GCN 10954) and/or 
additional observation is necessary. The SDSS object reported by D'Avanzo et 
al. (GCN 10954) and Nardini et al. (GCN 10956) is also clearly detected.

The photometry is based on several SDSS field stars and Lupton ugriz -> R 
transformations :

T0+      Filter,   Exposure,  mag.          Upper limit (3 sigma)
(mid, d)              (s)
0.16830  R       300*6      24.4+/-0.5  24.0

The finding chart can be found at

We thank Alexander Gusev for performing the observations and for his 
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