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GCN Circular -4

1970-01-01T00:00:00Z (55 years ago)
To all GCN Sites:                                                   #-04

Shri Kulkarni et al. report the following (also submitted to the IAUCs):

   S. R. Kulkarni, S. G. Djorgovski, and J. C. Clemens, California
   Institute of Technology, report: "On 13 August 1997 UT, we used the Low
   Resolution Imaging Spectrograph mounted on the Keck II telescope to
   acquire spectra at the position of the GRB 970228 optical transient
   reported in IAUC 6584.  We placed a 1.5-arcsec slit (PA=87 degrees) at
   the location specified in IAUC 6588 (Metzger et al.), and used a
   low resolution grating (300 l/mm blazed at 5000 A) to acquire exposures
   totalling 1800 s.  A spectral trail is well detected in this location.
   The spectrum has some weak features but no strong emission lines.
   The detected flux is consistent with an object of R magnitude
   between 24 and 25." 

Ed. Note 22Mar98:  This is the initial GCN Circular.  It has the -4 serial
number because of a mistake I made in making the initial number assignments
when I started the assignments at around circular #15.  See the explanation
at the bottom of the Circular Archive List web page.
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